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NOTE: When applying for any NFA or EMI training, a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number is required. Find out how to obtain a SID number.

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The Rhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs sponsors the Physical Performance Assessment test. The test is offered in April and October of each year. For more information on the test visit

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Courses Offered by the Fire Academy

  • Beyond the Basics/Fireground Support Operations
    Prerequisites: Firefighter I
  • Confined Space Rescue Technician*
    Prerequisites: EMT, Rope Rescue Tech., NIMS 100-200
  • Driver/Operator - Pumper, Aerial, Tiller (NFPA 1002)*
    Prerequisites: Firefighter I
  • Electric Vehicle Safety Training
    Prerequisites: Fire & police personnel
    Course now online through NFPA
  • Emergency Vehicle Driving Practices
  • Fire and Emergency Service Company Office (NFPA 1021)
    Prerequisites: Firefighter I & II, NFPA 1041
  • Firefighter I (NFPA 1001 - Level 1)*
    Prerequisites: NIMS 100, 200, 700
  • Firefighter II (NFPA 1001 - Level 2)*
    Prerequisites: Firefighter 2
  • Fire Instructor I (NFPA 1041 - Level 1)*
    Prerequisites: Firefighter I & II (or equivalency)
  • Fire Apparatus Driver Training (11 hours)
  • Fire Pump Operations (11 hours)
  • HAZ-MAT Operations
    Prerequisites: NIMS 100, 200 & 700
  • HAZ-MAT Operations - Refresher
  • HAZ-MAT Technician
    Prerequisites: HAZ-MAT Operations
  • HAZ-MAT Technician Refresher
    Prerequisites: HAZ-MAT Technician
  • Health and Safety Officer (NFPA 1521)*
    Prerequisites: Fire Officer I (NFPA 1021)
  • Incident Safety Officer (NFPA 1521)*
    Prerequisites: Fire Officer I (NFPA 1021)
  • Live Burn Train the Trainer (NFPA 1403)
    Prerequisites: NFPA 1041
  • Plan Review
  • Privately Owned Vehicles with Red Lights
  • Rapid Intervention Team Operations
  • Rope Rescue Technician I & II (NFPA 1006)*
    Prerequisites: EMT, HMA, NIMS 100-200
  • Traffic Incident Management Systems (TIMS)

* Denotes courses that are nationally accredited (Pro-Board)