Juvenile Firesetters Intervention and Education Program

The Rhode Island Division of State Fire Marshal offers a Juvenile Fire Setter (JFS) program specifically designed for various age groups. The purpose of this program is to proactively prevent injury though fire prevention and safety education.

Children Under 10

This program is specifically designed to reinforce the injury and fire prevention message. The goal of this program is for children to identify and understand some of the dangers that are present in their everyday environment. The children learn about fire, burns, the importance of having a working smoke detector in their home, and about the consequences of their actions. The program is comprised of educational presentations and hands-on activities. This program takes place on two consecutive Saturday mornings and is generally held in room 1, 2, or 3 in the cafeteria of Rhode Island Hospital.

Children 10 and Up

This program uses the same themes as the program for children under 10. Students are tested on their fire safety knowledge pre and post program to determine if they understand what they have learned. The program consists of presentations and several videos to convey the fire safety message. Lessons are further reinforced by take-home assignments. These classes are held once a week for four weeks and are generally held in room 1, 2, or 3 in the cafeteria of Rhode Island Hospital.

Parents/guardians are invited to attend, as well as any siblings who may wish to learn about fire and injury prevention. The Juvenile Fire Setter (JFS) program is also available for detention, residential, and group home facilities located throughout Rhode Island. The JFS program, as well as the various other in-service training programs offered by the Division of State Fire Marshal, is completely free.

Agencies such as DCYF, juvenile courts, mental health organizations, statewide law enforcement agencies and fire service, as well as numerous other private and public agencies and organizations may refer children to this program.

For additional information, please contact Chief Deputy James Given at 401-889-5474 or email at James.Given@dbr.ri.gov.