Inspections Division

The Inspections Unit of the Rhode Island State Fire Marshal’s Office is staffed by Deputy State Fire Marshals who hold certification from the National Fire Protection Association as Certified Fire Inspectors. The mission of the unit is comprehensive, professional, and consistent enforcement of the Fire Safety Code to ensure that the minimum requirements necessary for fire and life safety are met. This requires inspectors to perform the dual roles of code enforcement official and educator.

In their code enforcement role, the unit conducts inspections at state licensed facilities and assists local city or town officials when necessary. In addition to routine inspections, unannounced surveys are conducted at all places of assembly to ensure operational compliance and address potential hazards.

In their role as educators, inspectors are involved in teaching numerous programs that promote fire safety and routinely handle code related questions from the public. The unit also assists fire department personnel in obtaining certification through the National Fire Protection Association and regulates those individuals certified as Assistant Deputy State Fire Marshals.

The Rhode Island Fire Safety Code may be accessed through the Rhode Island Board of Appeal & Review's Rules & Regulations

What is a "State Licensed" Facility?

"State licensed" facilities are overseen by various state agencies and include the following:

  • Group Homes licensed through BHDDH or DCYF
  • Group Congregate Housing in apartment buildings as licensed through BHDDH
  • Day Care Centers licensed through DCYF
  • Preschools licensed through DCYF and approved by Dept. of Ed.
  • State-operated colleges (RIC, URI, CCRI)
  • Nursing Homes licensed through DOH
  • Assisted Living Centers licensed through DOH
  • Hospitals licensed through DOH
  • Ambulatory Health Care centers licensed by DOH
  • Places of Assembly owned or operated by the State
  • LPG storage as permitted through this office
  • State-operated Correction and Detention Centers (State Prisons)
  • Storage buildings owned by the State (DOT barns, etc.)
  • Business Buildings owned by the State (DOA, State House, etc.)

The following businesses are inspected by your local fire department:

  • Elementary Schools, including secondary and high schools (K-12).
  • Private colleges
  • Retail gas stations and service stations
  • Apartment houses
  • Theaters
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Bed and breakfast buildings
  • Lodging or Rooming houses
  • All Industrial occupancies, including body shops
  • All Private Business occupancies
  • All Private Mercantile occupancies
  • All Private Storage occupancies


The Office shall collect "inspection fees" for all inspections that fall under RIGL § 23-28.2-27.

An inspection fee in the amount of $100.00 shall be collected at the start of the inspection by the inspector, and a copy of the statute requiring the fee shall be supplied to the appropriate party. If a "re-inspection" is required, an additional fee of $100.00 is due at the time of re-inspection. Accepted forms of payment can be found in the payment policy.

Inspection Application

The Inspection Application and related forms are now available online at: